The Details

Our Contra Kit is a custom fit interior system that is designed for a 2015 or newer Ram Promaster City.  Specifically, we offer a sleep, cook and storage system that will allow you to go off grid without having to rely on an outside power source.


  • Drawer system is built into a steel frame and can withstand 600 pounds of weight.
  • Comfortable, full size, memory foam bed.
  • Ceiling fan that provides ventilation.
  • The kitchen is compact, compartmentalized, modern and ergonomic.
  • The storage access is vast for this vehicle type and can be adjusted to accommodate any size of luggage.
  • Highest quality parts, components and materials used in the manufacture of this system.


  • Place an order for your Contra Kit through our website. We collect half the amount at the time of purchase and the remaining balance post-installation.
  • Customize the color of the wall panels, kitchen counter and drawer panels to your liking.
  • Schedule your installation date a minimum of 2-weeks out so we can begin cutting, welding & manufacturing your build.
  • Bring your Ram ProMaster City to our Denver office (6321 Washington St Unit L. Denver, CO 80216) for a 2-day install
  • Adventure away!